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Student Reflection

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Our class took some time recently to reflect on our strengths and weaknesses as a group.  We had a chance to pat ourselves on the back for the ways we collaborate and stretch our learning.  We also formulated some specific goals for how we could improve as a community of learners.  Afterward, we filled out an individual reflection about our own classroom persona that targeted particular communicative strategies to enhance our synthesis of linguistic concepts.
Here are some anonymous student quotes from that survey:
“Spanish is almost like another me that I can express with more colorful words.”
“Spanish class is like a game of charades for me, but there’s a lot more work involved.”
“I tell people ‘tranquilo’ when they are being hyper.  I like the sound of it, and how it rolls off my tongue.”
“When speaking Spanish or answering questions in Spanish that shy person comes out because I think I might say it wrong or it will sound funny.”
“I think I need to work on not calling out.  Eager as I might be, I think I need to hold back sometimes.”
“I already learned English as a second language, so I have experienced how to learn another language.”
“Worse comes to worse, I guess and get it wrong.  In order to learn, I’m going to make some mistakes.”

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