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Culture Points

Twice a year, students are required to complete a Culture Points contract and project in our Spanish class.  Students are invited to extend their Spanish language learning beyond the classroom and connect it to an area of their own personal interest.  I always learn so much from the students’ projects.  They are a highlight to each semester.


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Choose Your Own Adventure Stories

Students in Octavo have been working hard this year at composing original narratives in Spanish.  We have practiced a modified version of Writer’s Workshop where students conference with me individually to discuss their work.  Along the way, we reflect on the process.  Above is a map of a class discussion about the special challenges of writing in Spanish.  Students’ writing becomes more nuanced and creative with each grammar or vocabulary concept that they add to their repertoire!  Below is the first slide of a keynote presentation in the form of a Choose Your Own Adventure story.  This student asked the reader to choose the best house for his family.

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El Santo

El Santo is the most famous figure from the world of Lucha Libre.  He is adored in Mexico and all over the Spanish-speaking world.  Students watched a short film about El Santo and studied representations of Lucha Libre in popular art.  Then they invented a Lucha Libre persona and designed a poster promoting one of his or her upcoming fights.

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The Cacecicocu

Just as in English, Spanish has two C sounds.  Before the letters E and I, the letter C is soft as in the English word “space.”  To help them remember when  C is soft, our eighth grade class invented the CaCeCiCoCu monster.  If you do not pronounce your Cs right in Spanish class, he will come and eat you up!