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El hombre lobo

As part of their unit on telling time, sixth graders were challenged with illustrating a specific and interesting moment of  the day.  Here is one student’s depiction of the moments just before midnight.

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Guerra de letras

As part of our review of irregular yo form verbs (“go verbs”) my eighth graders made this video to illustrate the spelling irregularities of the verb oír (to hear).

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Huichol Art

Students in Sexto are exploring the cultural origins of Huichol art.  The Huichol are an indigenous group from central Mexico known for their intricate beadwork and embroidery.  Above is the Vochol bug, a work created by indigenous Huichol artists in Nayarit and Jalisco, Mexico.  Students learned Spanish vocabulary related to important recurring symbols in Huichol beadwork and created their own symbols using Perler beads.

Below Sra. Brown encounters the Vochol Bug at the National Museum of the American Indian during the Eighth grade trip to Washington D. C.