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Furniture Auction

Eighth graders used materials to create miniature furniture as part of our unit on the house and home.  They worked in pairs to build household items that they later put up for sale in our furniture auction.  On the day of the auction students were randomly assigned a room of the house to furnish.  The group in the photo above filled their attic with a hammock, a pool table and a UFO.


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Virtual Tour of the Amazon

Sixth graders took a virtual tour of the Amazon in class today.  Using Google street view, they explored several villages on the shores of the world’s largest river.  They then researched the Amazon and found out the following facts:

  • The Amazon produces 20% of the world’s oxygen.  This is why it is nicknamed the “lungs of the world.”
  • Pink dolphins live in the Amazon River.
  • No bridges cross the Amazon River.
  • Piranhas live in the Amazon River.
  • 70% of anti-cancer plants are found there.
  • 2000 different types of mosquitos live in the Amazon.