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Hispanic Heritage Month

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Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage month runs from September 15th to October 15th each year. I am lucky to be able to collaborate with the Upper School Spanish teacher at my school to create a bulletin board displayed in the dining commons of our school where students from kindergarten to twelfth grade can see it.

It’s important for me to discuss the historic and growing influence that the Latin diaspora has on our national identity. Hispanic heritage is all of our heritage and I want my students to connect with it. I have my students listen to stories of American Latinos in English and in Spanish. I also discuss with them the growing political influence of latinos in the United States. We examined La Voz, our city’s Spanish newspaper and discussed events celebrating Hispanic Heritage happening around our community.

Sixth and seventh graders looked at census data compiled by the Pew Center showing the geographic distribution and country of origin of Latinos in the United States. Students then marked a large map with the areas of greatest concentration and the countries of origin of the population. The Spanish I class wrote mini-bios of famous Latinamericans, including profession, nationality, and descriptive adjectives. Meanwhile, Spanish III students researched and compiled regional expressions used in different Spanish-speaking countries. In addition, photos of Latinos in our school community were posted along with their names and where they or their families are from.


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